29 July 2009


Smakprov från en plåtning för projektguru...

10 July 2009

Qruising STHLM obs! för rätt stämning ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBh-0oHm9Ak

Cruising for sex, or cruising is the act of walking or driving about a locality in search of a sex partner, usually of the anonymous, casual, one-time variety. The term is also used when technology is used to find casual sex, such as using an Internet site or a telephone service.

In a specifically sexual context, the term "cruising" originally emerged as an argot "code word" in gay slang, by which those "in the know" would understand the speaker's unstated sexual intent, whereas most heterosexuals, on hearing the same word in the same context, would normally misread the speaker's intended meaning in the word's more common (and presumably less threatening) nonsexual sense. This served (and in some contexts, still serves) as a protective sociolinguistic mechanism for gay men to recognize not only each other, but those who may wish to do them harm in broader societies noted for their homophobia.

These two Swedish guys get aroused qruising in the town parks of Stockholm city. In this series they meet each other at Vinterviken for some out-door action.

My idea with these pictures was that I wanted to shoot something I usually wouldn´t do. With a gay twist to it. I didn´t want the pictures to be pornographic - but they should still be erotic. Just enough to provoke some people.


02 July 2009


Ballen är klar.